Jan. 10, 2013

V&T Machining Company is now offering laser cut solder paste stencils in addition to our existing product

Radian Technology Inc. (www.radiansmt.com) dedicated only to specializing in laser cut solderpaste stencil.

Radian Technology Inc. announces the installation of a 2nd fiber laser system. Having the newest fiber laser systems available in todays market, we can now achieve zero downtime and increase capability due to better aperture quality and faster delivery time.

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V&T Machining Company Inc. provides a full line support for your
Electronics Manufacturing Operations.

Save time and eliminate misalighment issues by ordering both
SMT Carrier and Stencil from one single vendor. The same
data can be used to manufacture SMT Reflow Fixture, Wave Solder
Fixture and Solder Paste Stencil ensuring consistency between each

The days of having to order your SMT Tooling and Stencil from two
different vendors are over. V&T Machining Company manufactures
everything in house and can deliver it to you with in 24 hours
if necessary.