SMT Printing Reflow Fixture

These Fixtures are used to properly support the circuit board on the conveyor while the board goes through the component printing and reflow process. Special panelized designs can be used to allow for multiple boards to printed in one run. Odd shape boards can also properly be supported with a these fixtures.

Ordering information & procedures

Printed Circuit Board Information
Solder Sample - Sample Circuit Board / Bare or Loaded Board
Assembled Components Information
Component Sizes - Height / Length / Depth
Component Shapes - Resistor / Tantalum / IC

The following is required for the top and bottom side of the PCB
Specify on the P.C.B any components near the edge clearance. Specify if specialized clamps are needed to hold down certain connectors and/or components.

Data Format

Gerber / Gerber Extended
DPF / Fire 9000
NC Info

Required Files*
Top & Bottom Solderpaste
Top & Bottom Silkscreen
Top & Bottom Soldermask
Aperture File
Signal Trace Files

Please use our convenient filetransfer page to upload your files.

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