V&T Machining Company Inc.
provides an intergrated solution for your printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly operations. To compete in todays fast pace market, We offer a full line of SMT products all under one roof.

We can design and manufacture your Solder Paste Stencil, SMT Printing Reflow Fixture and Wave Solder Fixture all from the one set of Gerber Data you send to us. By offering all these products at one place, we can save you time and eliminate misalighment and placement issues when having to order from two different vendors.

Laser Cut SMT Solder Paste Stencils

Laser Cut Solder Paste Stencils are the most common used stencil technology today. We have invested in the latest fiber laser technology system to ensure accurate cutting down to half a micron. Pitch Apertures of .016 can now be achieved without electroforming. We can apply either general IPC Standards or follow your custom design criteria when manufacturing your stencils. Lead Free Design, Green Frames, and Pb-Free Labels are available for your Lead Free RoHS Applications.

SMT Printing Reflow Fixture
These Fixtures are used to properly support the circuit board on the conveyor while the board goes through the component printing and reflow process. Special panelized designs can be used to allow for multiple boards to printed in one run. Odd shape boards can also properly be supported with a these fixtures.

Wave Solder Fixtures / Pallets

Selective Wave Solder Fixtures are a time proven method for protecting bottomside components during the wave solder process. These fixtures keep solder out of the mounting holes and allow for multiple soldering of thru hole components. Special topside clamp downs are used to hold components in place during wave.

Press Fit Component Support Fixture
Press Fixtures provides the necessary support for the printed circuit board during the insertion of a press connector. We manufacture the connector hole patterns from the centroid data with in the gerber files to ensure exact fit.
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