Durostone® Wave Solder Pallet Material
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Durostone® wave solder pallet materials have excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. These products have become the industry standard for the production of wave solder pallets used in the printed circuit board industry.

Durostone is easier to handle in the production process than other products used for PCB tooling due to two factors:
1. The density, which helps to reduce the weight of the finished tooling.
2. The glass and resin content, which ensures that the line operators and the machinists are not subjected to skin irritation alleviating any health & safety concerns. All materials are dimensionally stable and retain their flatness through repeated cycling in the PCB assembly process. The low thermal conductivity of Durostone® ensures optimal thermal distribution across the PCB. The resin system used in Durostone provides resistance to the chemicals used in fluxes and also prevents solder pick-up. Can be machined to tight tolerances. Metric thicknesses 1mm = 0.393"

Wavemax® 5000 - Wave Solder Pallet Material
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Wavemax 5000 SP525M is non-woven substrate combined with high temperature and static dissipative epoxy resin. Wavemax (aka Norplex SP525M) has superior machining properties, and is capable of producing thin walls with high strength for finely machined parts. It has excellent mechanical strength at elevated temperatures. The continuous operating temperature is over 200°C. Short excursions to temperatures approaching 360°C, such as in wave soldering or IR re-flow, will not adversely affect the life of this material.

CBC - Glastic Engineered Wave Solder Pallet and Circuit Board Carrier Materials (data sheet download)

When you need high temperature resistance for lead-free RoHS compliant wave soldering applications and tight tolerances and structural integrity for circuit board carriers, Glastic offers the solutions to meet your needs:

Lighter weight than metal or other composite materials. Exceptional dimensional stability and flatness. Excellent machineability. Exacting thickness tolerances. High thermal and chemical resistance. Made in the USA, these premium circuit board carrier materials are available in three popular versions to meet your assembly needs.

The top-of-the-line grades are available in both non-conductive (CBC) and electrical static safe semi-conductive (CBC-C) versions. When an optically sense-able solder pallet is needed, without compromising electric static discharge safety, Glastic NBC grade is a perfect choice. All three types are made with high-strength advanced composite materials. Glastic solder pallet materials are lightweight, which gives them an advantage over aluminum, titanium and other composite materials.

Dimensional stability, flatness, thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance make them ideal products for the very hostile, lead-free environments presented in wave solder applications. Each sheet is closely checked for warp, twist, surface resistivity and other key properties prior to being micro-sanded to the tightest tolerance control available (+/- 0.002”). Whether you require dedicated pallets for individual boards or adjustable pallets that can accommodate various sizes, you can rely on Glastic composites to provide a solution. Glastic’s pallet carrier material is available in a variety of popular thicknesses to meet your needs. Standard sheet size is 1m x 2m.

Radian Stainless Stencil Steel

Radian Stencil Steel are produced for the specific intention of being used in the manufacture of SMT Solder Paste Stencils. The materials are tension levelled and edge dressed and are 100% inspected for flatness, scratches, dents and debris. Having worked very closely with our customers over the years we have developed a complete understanding of the SMT and stencil market that has become the benchmark for quality.

Features of Radian Stencil Steel: Flatter Harder surface Uniform surface aspect Uniform grain structure

Advantages of Radian Stencil Steel: Flatter stencils allow for more accurate printing Harder surface gives a more durable stencil Uniform grain allows for higher stress relaxation properties Grain structure also contributes to smoother aperture walls

Benefits of Radian Stencil Steel: More uniform grain structure will improve registration and print accuracy Increase in surface hardness will increase Mean-Time-Between-Change Finer grain structure will give better results from Electropolishing and zero curling when step etching Higher resistance to Thermal shock offers greater stress relaxation properties, thus stencils that are laser cut or etched will have more consistent results

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